It seems like now more than ever it is really important to have your “game face” on when it comes to your company’s website. We’re not necessarily proud of it, but as a society… we are all slowly becoming website snobs – connoisseurs of functionality, ease of use, and aesthetic appeal. With the widespread use of computers in the workplace, tablet computers on the go, a laptop in your briefcase, wi-fi at the coffee shop, smart phone in your pocket, 3G and 4G networks… the internet is literally EVERYWHERE and people will try to find you on the web  and (like it or not) they will judge you based on your website.

At Vapor Syndicate we have years of experience with helping companies, both new and old, establish themselves on the web. If you are a new company just starting out, or a business with a 100 year history, we can help you on the path to website excellence.

Our designers operate on the idea that the most important part of any website design is to fulfill the purpose of the site in such a way that the visitor knows exactly what to do when they arrive. How many times have you gone to a website and had to stare at the screen for a few minutes while you try to figure out what to do? That is an example of a poorly thought out website. Your site should be a fit for the visitors who arrive there as it creates a sense of understanding and connection between your company and your website visitor.

Even if you don’t use our design services, there are a couple of things that everyone should know about website design. They are not exactly trade secrets, but chances are pretty good that not every designer will let you know all of this stuff up front…

  1. SEO and Flash don’t mix. Flash is pretty but none of the text in a Flash element is indexed by the search engines.
  2. Music on your site is just a bad idea. It decreases the load time of your site and most people frantically search for the button to turn it off as soon as it does load.
  3. Always design with your visitor in mind. Don’t make it difficult to achieve the purpose of your site – info, registration, e-commerce, etc. – make it simple.
  4. Do not exceed the technology supported by the most common browsers. There is a ton of cool stuff you can do on a website, but not all browsers support those technologies yet.
  5. Building a website does not take months (unless you are trying to build SkyLab). Technology has come a long way and getting a site up and running just does not take that long.

Whether it is a website “do-over” or a new build, we look forward to the opportunity to help your website achieve its purpose – whatever that may be.