Why should my company spend money on a video or TV spot?  Well, we’re not sure either and if we think it’s a bad idea, we’ll tell you.  However, if we all feel that a video or TV campaign can best tell your story while getting you your money back and then some, we can help.

Again, it’s about telling your story.  We are good at pulling a good story from you and getting your audience to care,  then getting them to do what you want after they watch it (call you, feel good about your company, or look for your stuff at the store…).  Videos and TV spots are often the most immediate way of telling your story to a large and diverse audience, but in a very personal way.

Videos are not hard to make, you see them on YouTube all the time.  Making videos that are not boring or stupid requires us.  However, being un-boring does not need to look like a rap video.  Your video also needs to look professional.  If your video looks or sounds like you shot it with your iPhone, you fail.  If your video or TV spot is dull or does not tell a strong story, you fail.  Don’t fail, call us.

With Vapor Syndicate you get filmmakers and creative directors that will tell the story of your brand or company in an engaging way. They will show the world that your logo does not necessarily have to be bigger to be more effective.

A video can redefine your brand, launch your product, fundraise, increase sales, and more.

Our process is simple because we handle everything for you, from working with you on concepts, to initial plans to getting the finished product in the format needed to its final destination.  We do all the work and worrying and sweating the technical details.  You get to be impressed and get back to the business of running your business.

Contact us to have a discussion about whether video or TV might be right for you.  We promise to have an actual conversation and not use a bunch of technical jargon to try and impress you (or confuse you).  You might have a great story to tell and we’d like to hear about it.