For some reason direct mail marketing just hasn’t died… And until everyone on the planet stops getting physical “snail” mail, it never will.

At Vapor Syndicate, we know what it takes to make a successful direct mail marketing piece. We have produced and delivered millions of postcards and mailers in our many years of experience – and yes that is literally millions, not some figure of speech to try to sound impressive. Direct marketing is not hard to do. In fact there are less than 10 points that need to be present on a mailer for it to be successful.

But here is what many marketing companies fail to tell their clients: the slightest change in verbiage, color or presentation can effect the response you get by as much as 30% to 50%. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a lot of missed opportunity!¬†And that is why we often encourage the use of “split testing” in working with our direct marketing clients.

If you are not familiar with the idea of split testing, it goes something like this… We will help you come up with all of your necessary points for making a successful marketing piece, then we give you a couple of design options. Let’s say we come up with two headlines – one that is clever and another that is very direct. Then you split your list as randomly as possible – List A gets the clever headline and List B gets the direct headline. Then you track the incoming leads to figure out which direct marketing piece performed better.

Another example could be using the exact same verbiage and changing the color and fonts used, or using a different “hero” image to catch attention. No matter what the difference may be, one will almost always out-perform the other. And then we take a look at what worked and do our best to improve upon it until you are getting the most out of your direct marketing.

Direct marketing has also taken on a new form in the last decade… email marketing. This is a fantastic way to promote your business if done correctly, but there are many pitfalls to email marketing as well. Do you know how to minimize your chances of having your email promotions caught by SPAM filters? Do you know how to code email so that it still gets your message across even if the recipient can’t see the images in your message? We do.

No matter what medium, we can make sure that your message reaches its target audience and gets the best results possible. Whether is is your own mailing list or a rented mailing list, we have the services necessary to make your direct marketing a hit. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your marketing goals this year.

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