The Marketing Guy program is an affordable option to get a dedicated, experienced marketing guru to run your marketing with you for a price that won’t break the bank and doesn’t involve a full time person…

You know your business better than anyone and you probably have some great ideas for your business, but maybe not as much time as you want to make them happen. We can help.

We listen to you, understand your business, come up with great strategies for your goals, then work to make them happen.

Call us now at 727-490-9336.  Let’s make it happen.


Dedicated to you – One person is dedicated to you, listens and gets to know your company


Get A Handle on Your Marketing – We can do it all; online visibility, lead generation, web, print, and branding


Live – We can come to your office or do video conferencing for meetings and presentations face to face.


Experience – Years of experience, MBA’s, awesome personalities, etc… it’s all yours.


Flexibility – Standardized 10 hours blocks per week are focused solely on you (yes, you can have us more).


No-Long Term Commitment – Use us when you need us.


The system works off of blocks of time that you use to accomplish what you want to do.  Before we do things, we give you estimates on activities so you can budget and prioritize your ideas.  We can help you prioritize activities based on your goals (ROI, new customers, etc…).

Our hours are a flexible as yours,  depending on your budget and what you need to get done. We can go up or down on your regular weekly blocks of time depending on what’s going on. Getting ready for a trade show? Great, we can help you and not miss a beat.


Spots are limited for this program so fill out the form for details, or just call us at 727-490-9336 and we can just have a great conversation.

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Isn’t the “Marketing Guy” a totally sexist name for a program?

Well, not really, it’s just more attention-grabbing than marketing associate program.  We do have women on the team here and they do a great job!


Do I need to get my Marketing Guy a desk and a place to stay?

Nope, no need for that.  However, your Marketing Guy can be in your office in person or on video conference depending on how you want to handle it.  Many of our clients work out of a home or small office and just don’t need extra people hanging around.


Isn’t this just freelancing?

No.  Freelancing is great if you have limited and very specific ideas for specific projects that you have time to completely manage yourself.  Freelancers don’t really need to know anything about you, your company, your problems or goals, only a very specific set of instructions to do one thing.  The Marketing guy program is designed to GROW your business around an actual plan that is developed together as a member of your staff, who understands the nuances of your goals and your business, then takes care of all the “getting it done” stuff so you don’t have to.


Is there some contract I need to sign?

No. There’s no long term commitment with this program.  This is great if your business is seasonally heavy or you want to re-brand and rebuild during a set time. We typically review goals and plans with you to gain an understanding of how intensive your plans are and how long things will take so you can make budget decisions accordingly.


Is this some outsourcing scheme?

No way, we are a full-service agency and use our own US-based experts to get things done quickly and efficiently while maintaining total creative and quality control.


Couldn’t I just hire someone right out of school full time for just a little more money?

Our clients who have done this before they came to us quickly learned that experienced people are able to get better results faster than someone who’s “learning the ropes”.  You also avoid the management oversight and all the other expenses that come with a full time employee.  Remember, you can write off all your advertising and marketing expenses just like employee costs (check with your tax folks of course).