Posted by on Dec 18, 2013 in Blog, Marketing Guy

We get certain phone calls or emails monthly from clients and non-clients alike.  They all go like this… “Hey, I got this bill from the yellow pages I think… can you look at it for me and tell me what to do?”  We always say yes, and it is 99 times out of 100 a yellow pages scam from some company who “looks” like the yellow pages. You get some very expensive listing somewhere and then they badger you if you don’t pay.

We tell them to ignore it and they go on their merry way.  However, we are often left with the nagging question of  if you really got a lot of business from something, wouldn’t you understand where it comes from? If you didn’t get a lot of business from doing that thing, why would you keep doing it.

We were very happy when we read that the Federal Trade Commission actually shut down the largest yellow pages scam operation of this type out of Canada this week. After over 13,000 complaints, the operation came together and they are in the process of even actually getting money back.

So this begs us to question legitimate yellow page book listings…

As online experts we are prone to make fun of the yellow page books that we consider irrelevant.  However, in some localities, the Yellow Page listing continue to provide value in local search. They’ve adapted as their physical book is becoming obsolete. It’s all a matter of your business.  However, things change and just because you have been in a channel for a long time doesn’t mean its working.’

All the studies showing that the yellow page book is still relevant are done by companies owned by the yellow pages, making their results dubious. However, there is still a segment for the Yellow Pages.

The current yellow pages are basically owned by lawyers, plumbers and ac guys with lots of full-page ads.  In neighborhoods without high Internet penetration, the book is a valuable service. In those with high Internet, cable and smartphone market penetration, its not.

If you have a business, you need to understand what marketing you should invest in for the best return.  If you have marketing running, you should understand what it is doing for your company.

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