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Growing your company is a full-time gig. You’ve grown your small business by being very effective at it all. Few of us that own a business just go home after a full day and easily turn it off. So, that means we tend to take what we do personally and sometimes do not want to hear when someone suggests you could be doing something in different ways.

Many small businesses feel that doing more of what worked in the past will help. Sometimes this is the case, sometimes not. However in the online business growth game, this game changes on a consistent basis. Even the fortune 500 companies battle with keeping up. The online business growth professionals in the industry constantly have to invest time researching and understanding what’s working online now and what’s shutting down. There is often no manual to this, so it involves efforts and research.

Some things you need to know about your online business that many people selling online services often don’t want to focus on. It’s much easier to sell online marketing growth services when they suggest there is a perfect formula that will definitely work. This isn’t the case. That’s why we spend time with a company really figuring out what your small business looks like rather than just suggesting a number of marketing strategies you could likely get online for free.

Do not put your eggs in one basket

Are you selling on Amazon or one site that is the majority of your online business? If they ceased selling your goods tomorrow, what would happen to your web business? Just how long would you need to build your business to current levels without them? You will usually have a “favorite” channel of sales (because of low cost of sales, etc.), and that is ok, but diversify.

You aren’t the biggest fish in the pond

If a fortune 100 company decides they want to be in your space, they’ll be there and there is nothing you can do about it. You will bleed (money) to death keeping up with them. Guerrilla marketing is the strategy to use in cases such as these. Yes, sales become more work, however you get to stay in business and it can actually work out better for you in the long run. An advertising and marketing consultant needs to be able to move on a dime and change strategies with you.

Social networking is like a good marriage, or a prison sentence

Everyone seems to be interested in social media (mainly Facebook) for business. Everybody’s got a Facebook page and many people have a blog. We find that most firms are either all in or should be ashamed. A lot of companies get all excited and begin a Facebook page, then don’t update it or don’t use it to actually engage people. An inadequate page or one that has not been updated in 3 months can actually hurt you and cost you sales. Social networking involves commitment beyond just “posting”. Polls, interesting content, and contests can go a long way to aiding them in establish your brand. If your major strategy to test market a new product is not social networking, you’ve got a dilemma.

Appreciate that change is constant for online internet business growth

A marketing plan is just like a football playbook. There has to be a guide to be able to win the game and the ways you’ll typically approach each play. However, the opposite teams don’t always do what you anticipate and occsionally what you do simply does not work. Competitors change their plays all the time to knock you down, because that’s the game. Here’s a secret if you did not know: they want you to fail! Expecting something to work 100% of the time is fantasy. A marketing advisor needs to help you grow your online business by being part of it and revealing the different techniques to win regardless of what happens. A marketing expert isn’t a salesperson for services or products, they’re there to help you boost your business economically as possible.

Growing your small business online means finding marketing help that looks at you as a partner and will help you understand that change isn’t a personal attack, but done out of desire to truly help.