Posted by on Nov 11, 2013 in Blog, SEO

We seem to get this a lot talking to small retail stores…  Ok, we know you don’t, or don’t want to sell online for whatever reason… that’s ok.

Most retailers do have a website however. That’s pretty much the minimum level of entry in today’s society.  People want to get to know you before they take their time to actually show up.  A business facebook page is great, but it lacks the control and visibility potential a website gives.

There are some things most retail stores struggle with and there are some things you can do about them:

It’s historically hard for retailers to get links because people don’t typically link to e-commerce sites. Why would they right?  The solution – find a feature product that will get people talking.  Neiman Marcus offers those crazy his and hers “fantasy gifts” not really to sell them, but to get noticed.
Most retailers also don’t have a lot of the technical things implemented that they should have. We see consistent issues with pagination and not having a search engine friendly navigation. Many retailers outsource and don’t get this bad news until they hire an SEO firm after they finish the site.
Retailers almost never take advantage of microdata markup that can be used to optimize rich snippets in Google’s search engine results pages.
However this is not cheap and if there is no strategy in place to build on these, then it’s a waste of time.

Accept that Google Local and Google Plus can help you with ranking and invest in the time to really learning these platforms or be willing to pay someone to manage this.

Remember, just because you don’t sell online, doesn’t mean that prospective customers won’t look for you online and form an opinion of you to even see if they will set foot in your store.

~ Good Selling ~