Posted by on Nov 8, 2013 in Blog, Websites

So… You want to upgrade your site, get rid of the big Flash intro half of everyone cant see, and get a new look?

Do you need a separate mobile site, or is just doing a “responsive” design (changes based on what people look at it on) a better bet.

Well, it really doesn’t matter from a search engine standpoint.  Check out the video below from the Google Guru, Matt Cutts.

However, from a business standpoint, if mobile flexibility is something you care about, a responsive site may be a better bet.  Why?  Responsive sites give most of the benefits from a mobile site, but dont require the time, complexity and expense of a separate mobile site.

There are a bunch of sites out there the “make your site mobile”, but they are usually hosted through someone else and links are sometimes difficult to control. If your business actually gets orders from mobile phones, a custom separate site may be in order, but you just need to balance the cost vs. return.

Whoever you work with, you should have a discussion about how important mobile is, your business goals and what good ROI would look like to you. If they don’t actually ask about this,…. hmmmm.