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Small business advertising helped push Facebook to better-than-expected quarterly earnings, as Facebook’s daily active users hit nearly 700 million in June,  a 27 percent jump from the previous year.

Why should you care about Facebook advertising?  Well, do you market a lifestyle product to consumers?  Like wedding planning or selling mountain bikes? Then you are a prime prospect to try social media advertising.

Do you sell copiers to other small businesses? Well then it’s more of a stretch but you can target certain interests and see how it works on a case by case basis.

For Facebook advertising, you have to keep an eye on conversions from the ads and what you are putting on your page.  If you announce your kayak sale on your ads and your page on Monday, it may get a little muddy but Facebook advertising does a decent job of providing analytics.


Rules for Facebook Advertising:


Where to put ‘em?

Place your ads in the “Newsfeed” area.  You will get better engagement, especially on mobile.

When selecting interests, go a specific as you can get.  You might get lower overall numbers, but you will get more interested people.


What to say?

You’ll need an ad title, ad text, a destination URL, and a call to action.  Keep your goals in mind as you work through this process.  We recommend putting your url to a specific product page if you can.

Make what you say as specific as possible.  Questions work great.

Make sure you have a call to action, or a specific thing you want them to do (click here, sign up, enter, etc…).

Use the image provided and do something bold and attention getting like adding something colorful or a bold product shot.


See How You Do

Make sure you keep an eye on the dashboard Facebook gives you.   Click throughs and click rate are what you want to watch.

There will always be “winners”, or things that just work better.  Pause the ones not producing asap.

Test new ones against the winners with small changes that you can easily figure out what elements caused things to get worse or better.

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