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This isn’t an ad for the Google Nexus 7 Tablet so just bear with me!

Google just launched their newest tablet with over 2 million pixels in the palm of your hand. So what right? Well just remember that now almost all tablets will have text that’s sharper than the printed page, and videos will be 1080p HD.

That means that tablet sales will continue to get traction. The physical yellow pages is dead – just get over that.  So, that leaves the internet.  When someone is about to go out the door, do they want to turn on their computer and find the store with the sale on the whatever? No, if they have a phone or tablet, they will likely look to see.

As a small local business, you now have the ultimate control to grab that customer that is literally buying “Right Now”.  This is a case where just doing a little more can make you the winner. Just because Google”s Nexus 7 Tablet, or any tablets, are used more doesn’t mean that if you have a brick and mortar store they will actually need to BUY online, just FIND YOU online.  Even if you have a service, people are still looking on tablets, in “right now” mode.  Johnny just spilled your wine on the carpet and they need someone NOW… you get it.

When do most customers come in, what do they buy, do they use coupons? Change up your offers or landing pages to fit the ebb and flow of your customers.  Why fight that, just profit from it. Do you have pictures of your products that are optimized for the high resolution displays or does it look like you shot your product from a moving car on a bumpy road with your iPhone? Are your landing pages or site optimized for mobile?

Put yourself right in the prospective customer’s shoes and see if you come up in those results and who does. Is your product or sale landing page first?

If you embrace the local search and spend a little bit of time to optimize results, you WILL get those customers.

Embrace and profit!
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