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Why a landing page?  

Your website tells your whole story right?   Maybe… and that’s EXACTLY WHY you might benefit from a landing page.

For today’s businesses a website should be more than just a brochure on the Internet. As more business moves online, companies are finding that the majority of their leads come from their site.

For your site to be effective at making leads, you need to guide visitors as fast as possible to that sweet spot of conversion. How? By providing just enough great information and persuasive copy to convince potential leads to give you their contact details for later follow up by you or your sales team.

Landing pages are the best way to achieve this goal. A landing page is the endpoint of your visitor’s journey on a website. Landing pages don’t just spill all the beans like your site may, but are specifically tailored for a particular product or service. They give them just what they are actually looking for, then promise more.

Creating A Landing Page.

Simple and Persuasive Copy Landing pages are all about convincing potential leads to enter their details or make a purchase. Words on the page should be simple and get to the point quickly, then push action. The potential lead should be able to “get it” at a glance whether the product or service is right for them.

Landing pages should be carefully optimized with keywords to attract the market segment that the page is targeting. Don’t go nuts and over-optimize in an attempt to attract the widest possible audience, or make things seem like a robot wrote your page. Oh yea, over-optimized pages that provide a bad user experience are not going to perform well in the search engines either.

Bullet points, images & video are some of the old standbys that advertisers use to support the words because they work.

The contact or information collection form is the whole point of the landing page. Everything on the page is intended to get the visitor to enter their info in the contact form, so you’ll want something that asks for enough information for what you REALLY need, but not too much to scare them.

Great landing page creation is an artistic science, but it pays off in new leads or sales.

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