Posted by on Jun 1, 2012 in Blog, SEO

At our agency, we help lots of people with SEO after we build their sites.  Everyone wants to know what “Keywords” they should rank highest for. We always simply ask, “What Do You Do?”.

We always end up telling them that keywords are a good start, but you have to look at what you do.  You see, humans don’t like keywords, they like finding information, things to buy, and getting help with making good decisions.  When you think to yourself, “Gosh, I really would like these F$%@K*ing bugs out of my house”, most people dont type in Pasco County Exterminator.  Most people type in things like “How do I kill Chinch bugs in my yard?” first to see what happens.

Google, Bing and Yahoo have become old friends. We end up talking to them like friends, with regular old questions.  These questions do actually translate into keywords as these questions get asked.

So, back to what do you do? Build your site with plain language and do it to help and educate people. Think about the questions people ask you daily about what you do.  Go ahead and put these on your site with helpful answers.  Don’t worry so much about the “marketing” copy.  It is like a crossword puzzle, because after you answer all the questions that will help people understand your business, you will likely find all the keywords on the page some other SEO company told you to stuff on a page anyway.

Go ahead and help.  Go ahead and help others find and choose you.