Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Blog, SEO

How Google’s latest algorithm update again illustrated how small businesses who take shortcuts hurt themselves.

What if you lost half your business tomorrow?  Would you be happy?  Didn’t think so…

Well, that’s what happened to lots of small businesses who relied on Google traffic for most of their business and adopted a “this is easy” attitude towards traffic.  They also adopted an “all Eggs in One Basket” strategy. Yes, they read the articles on the web about “content” and submitted their writing to EZArticles, etc.  They paid for “traffic” from businesses who sold them redirected expired domain traffic.  They paid to be listed on sites and obtain links and that their links were from high ranking but UNRELATED sites. …and so on.

When Google devalued these links, all this work went down the drain.  Why, because all this work amounted to crap for the real customers, the people who were actually looking for their product. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking doing these things, they worked for a pretty long time and still do to some extent, but if we are honest with ourselves, these methods are ONLY to get ranking, not produce content to help a potential customer pick you. Were the small business owners who did these things BAD? No.  They were just maybe over-focusing on “ranking” (also not a dirty word or bad goal by the way), versus creating a better experience for users to their site.

Did Google PUNISH these small business owners? NO, it simply changed the way it looked at VALUE. What did we learn?  Creating a site that is well laid out, optimized for search engines and has lots of VALUABLE content, and engaging in social media groups will help keep changes like these from killing your business. Content helps establish you as trustworthy when people get to your site and lets Google know you know what you are talking about.  Links from industry sites that you are actually involved in will also help search engines know you deserve to sit on the top of the page.