Posted by on Nov 21, 2013 in Blog, Marketing Guy

You know your business better than anyone else!


You recognize that keeping the business in front of your prospects and current customers is a secret weapon to success! May-be you’ve done some of the marketing yourself between your many other responsibilities. You might have had other office workers dabble in the marketing, but are just not enjoying results. You now know you require a get-it-done professional. What are your options? You could get a marketing employee or work with a marketing consultant. Here are a few thoughts about your choices:


Hiring a Marketing Employee:

Expensive, Long Term Commitment – salary, taxes and benefits really add up for the caliber of resource you need to manage your marketing efforts. Even if your employee is part-time, you’ll have a significant expense every month.

They have to have stuff in the office – this new employee will require office space, a computer, printer, phone along with other resources to do their job.

They have to have constant stuff to fill their time – you need to manage this person and fill their plate with on-going work – taking up more of your time, whether it’s “the most important thing” or not.


Hire a “Marketing Guy”:

More cost-effective Resources – works by the hour or project, so they are paid for the work that needs to be done now or as needed throughout the year. A good marketing guy will still be geared toward the success of your brand.

Experienced – has been effective with an array of organizations and industries, and brings that depth of variety and insight to your business.

On the Forefront – stays up to date on the most current marketing trends and makes clear recommendations on the most beneficial initiatives for your investment.

Independent Focus – “Marketing Guys” don’t have to sit in your office. They are used to working remotely and interacting effectively with their clients.

Budget-friendly – “Marketing Guys” leave more cash to fund your overall marketing initiatives.


Independent Marketing Guys do typically charge more per hour than you might pay an on-going employee, but they provide professional expertise for a part-time outlay.

Further, independent marketing guys also feature value by being well-connected through the whole community with resources needed to accomplish deliverables quickly and economically. When you consider all of the benefits, the overall annual cost will be not nearly as expensive hiring an employee.

The right “Marketing Guy” will take a partnership technique – respecting your business, your money and your opinions. The marketing professional’s job is to generate you fresh ideas, an unbiased opinion, manage the details for you, get your initiatives accomplished… and make it all look easy!