Posted by on Nov 14, 2013 in Blog, Marketing Guy

OK, OK, OK… it is likely “Finally!” or “Really?”.  Yes, a school district in New Jersey just approved advertising on school buses.

I just know school bus advertising will be a crazily polarizing thing and get lots of press.  People will either be insanely against the commercialization of our institutions or will be excited about the fiscal decisions a school board has taken to decrease the tax burdens.

It’s kind of a baby step, because the ads are actually for a school (college), not cigarettes or strip clubs, but you can bet the reaction will be the same.  What’s great is that discussions will start about this.

We feel that this is an interesting development and could actually be a positive thing.  These are school boards remember, so we are pretty sure that they will be selective about what’s accepted and what’s not.

Stay tuned..