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Why would small businesses care about Groupons’ new restaurant reservation service?

Because you might be able to expand your business in the same way… seriously.

If you don’t have a spare 20 million  to buy another company like Groupon did with, you can still expand your offerings.

You likely have some competitors in your local area like Groupon does with OpenTable.  These guys might be a little bigger than you or have a nicer store.

Wanna really compete with them?

Why not expand what you offer? You don’t have to buy a company. Just partner with someone.  Create a promotional campaign together. Make customers happier than your competitors and you will win.


Your competitive advantage

Look around your office, we bet there are some things you can do with your business that can make you VERY DIFFERENT.

Could you offer local free delivery or offer other services your competitors don’t do now?

Could you work with a vendor to offer something special to your customers that would benefit the vendor too?


An Example of Local Competitive Advantage Building:

Recently, an FL. ac company set up a promotion for when they install a new complete ac system (an all day job) placed their Big portable event ac units FREE in houses with elderly or that had kids at home so they would be nice and cool.  An expense, yes, but the units were sitting around anyway and the new business that resulted more than offset the upkeep of the units.

Oh yea..  This service was not just done, it was done with a press release, direct mail to all the houses in their service area, a change to their website,  special landing pages and ads in Google to promote the service. Again, new business completely offset the cost.

So.. even if you are not Groupon, you can expand your offerings to get more business.


Want some ideas for free about how to expand your business?  Give us a call or send us an email.

Really… we will do it for free.  We bet we can come up with something that will create revenue.

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