Posted by on May 28, 2013 in Blog, SEO

Congrats again Google, you continue to prove that if you give consumers things they value, they will still give a back a few seconds in exchange!

We watched over 13 BILLION ads in April, killing over 8 million HOURS of our collective time, with Google serving up the largest share at nearly 2.5 billion. Even Hulu, a “TV” company, still served less.

This just continues to illustrate that the big brands will always find a way to reach us.  However, now, even the little guys can play on the same field as everyone else.  Your local auto shop is just as likely to show up in front of that DIY video as is a Tide commercial.

The local guys even have a little bit of an advantage.  They are likely to pay more attention to placement, video keywords and developing tailored content for types of videos they will be matched up with.  You really are now directly talking to the guys down the street.  This is even something the cable companies can’t match well. The seekers of the content are much more active than the casual tv watcher.

As small businesses plan for expansion, video and its integration with a strong website brand will be a requirement.